Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Clearly the appetite for Burgundy’s outstanding wines has heightened since the Côte d’Or became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bound by tradition and terroir*, this world famous ridge of villages and vineyards remains, despite its gleaming reputation, surprisingly understated and imbued with provincial charm. Only a 1hr30 min train ride from Paris or Lyon to Dijon, Burgundy is a marvellous destination for even a day trip.

Bourgogne Authentique proposes bespoke tours principally in the Côte d’Or and Chablis areas of Burgundy for professionals, collectors enhancing their cellars, or amateurs seeking a comprehensive introduction to the region’s wines. We work closely with numerous winemakers to create personalized itineraries around your preferences.

A typical wine tour day consists of 2-3 tastings primarily in long-established, boutique wineries not usually open to the general public. Tastings, often with the winemaker, generally last an hour. Add to this: a chef’s menu of local specialities or wine-tasting lunch in a charming village, a pause in a vineyard parcel, an historical monument, or barrel maker… Extend that over a few days and you will truly understand what makes the difference.

Bourgogne Authentique can help with shipping, and will provide maps plus appropriate documents to keep. We can also make arrangements for lodging, dining, car rentals, etc. Our mission is not just to lead you to excellent wines but, to let you taste this remarkable region like a local.

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*terroir = factors of soil content and topography that naturally influence the wines